Look the Part: A DIY Guide to Design & Branding


Looking great doesn’t always mean spending a ton of money. When you’re starting a new business, money is tight.

That’s why I always recommend doing as much as you can on your own until you’ve proven your concept and know you have a sustainable business. 

This DIY downloadable guide is intended for business owners who want advice on how to look professional, but who are not yet at the stage where it makes sense to invest in professional design services. 

What's included:

Over 80 pages of professional design guidance

9 pages of branding and positioning worksheets that can be filled out and saved right within the electronic guide.

Helpful design exercises

Links to inspiration boards and font recommendations

Printer, vendor and paper recommendations

Helpful money saving tips

and more!

What's covered:


Logo design

Business card design

Letterheads & envelopes

Website design

Additional collateral

Social media & email signatures

Branded apparel & promotional materials

This guide is for you if:

You're a business owner looking for a way to look more professional but don't want to spend a lot of money.

You have a basic understanding of Photoshop or Canva or have a knack for figuring things out.

You're a design student who's interested in learning from a professional designer.

You enjoy DIY but aren't sure where to start when it comes to design, branding and printing.

You are looking for some professional design advice without going to the expense of hiring a designer.

If you're ready to get started, click below to learn more!