Inspiration | Starbucks Reserve Coffee Taster Cards

If you've been to Starbucks lately, you may have noticed a new line of coffee, Starbucks Reserve. They are positioning this line as an exceptional, rare blend with exotic and distinct flavors. It's also only available for a limited time in certain stores, which makes it a bit sought after. You'll notice the distinctly different packaging, as well as Coffee Taster Cards that you can pick up on your way out.


These cards are awesome for a number of reasons. When conceptualizing a custom piece like this, the context is really important. Starbucks customers on average are probably on their way somewhere and in a hurry. These small cards are easy to pick up and pocket. A larger card--or worse yet, a brochure--would not be as convenient and most likely would get tossed. This concept was created as a series and is more than just an informational piece. It's a collectable art piece. The beautiful patterns are intermixed with foil stamping on the front, and the back features an easy to understand, well-designed chart so the user can absorb information at a glance.

The overall design, shape, and size make this piece feel expensive, but print-wise these were relatively inexpensive to produce. I did a similar print quote to compare, and it came in cheaper per piece than a brochure would have.

My favorite thing about this series is that it doesn't feel like you're doing the company a favor by reading their materials. It really feels like they're giving you something of value, and that makes this project inspirational.