Inspiration | Underwood by Union Wine Co.

Underwood Cans were originally created specifically for an event in 2013 to promote Union Wine Co.'s belief that wine was a bit too fussy. They were so popular that the company put them into production and released them in June 2014.

Wine hasn't evolved as quickly as craft beer has in recent years, so I love that this company decided to do something a little bit different--not only with the physical packaging but with the look of their labels as well. Union Wine Co. has taken a simple, utilitarian approach to their labels, which interestingly enough elevates their product by making it stand out dramatically from other wines. Visually, this approach positions it in the trendy craft beer world as a wine craft beer drinkers would enjoy, which is a unique spot.

The cans also solve a pretty common problem among wine drinkers: portability. Beer is so simple to transport, all you need is a cooler. With wine you need a cooler, glasses, a corkscrew--and there's still a risk of the bottle breaking or spilling once it's opened. Some venues also don't allow glass, so you're limited to wine in a box or those ridiculous individual portions that look like juice boxes. This product solves the issue by making wine as portable and easy to consume as beer and not making you feel weird about it.

In addition to being attractive and less pretentious, there are so many benefits to wine in a can! 

  • Cans do a better job of keeping light and oxygen out, which can be detrimental to the taste.
  • A can chills faster and stay cold longer.
  • Cans are less expensive to produce and don't require a separate labeling machine.
  • Aluminum is much lighter and cans are more compact and stackable, making them cheaper and easier to ship.

I absolutely love the thought process behind the development of these cans. They solve a real problem for wine drinkers and look good doing it. Cheers to Union Wine Co.!