Things I'm Loving: Plastic Cards

What can you possibly do with a plastic card? SO. MANY. THINGS. I recently did a project creating membership cards and they turned out so great I've been looking for ways I could use them for other projects. The vendor we used was and I loved their site because you can check and uncheck options to see how it effects the price. They have a lot of extras, for example: adding a signature panel, lanyard punch, gold foil, spot UV, barcoding and more which increases their versatility. They also offer mini cards which I love. Let's take a look at all the different ways they can be used.

Let's start with the card I designed, a membership card. These cards are awesome because they serve as a constant reminder of a group you're a part of and are a great physical 'thing' to give out if the membership or service isn't something tangible. These featured gold foil and a signature panel for putting in your personal info.


This card was used as a business card but they incorporated a little ruler on the back which I think is smart and a fun idea that could work for a service oriented business.

These little mini cards are so fun, the first one to show off your VIP status and the second one as a little business card. For the second card I would recommend using the back for something useful, a discount code, a road side assistance line, something that would make this card more helpful on a day to day basis.

These cards were used as a ticket. They used variable data in the white box to act as a unique identifier. Such a fun use of a card!

Am I the type of business that can have gift cards? Of course you are! Gift cards are easy to produce. You can have a code printed in variable data on the back, enter it into your e-commerce site once purchased with the amount, buy custom printed sleeves (also available on the same site) and boom gift cards! It also opens you up to a whole new gifting market especially if you have the type of product that feels like a splurge.

A coupon on a plastic card feels more elevated than a paper coupon. Using a paper coupon at a restaurant makes you feels a certain way (ie. super cheap), but using a plastic card changes all that since it feels more like a gift card. It's also more likely the user won't throw it away since it easily slips into a wallet.

Look at these completely legit credentials. Why are they legit? Because they're printed on plastic! You have no other choice but to think they're real. Often times, credentials require a name, date or another element that changes from credential to credential. Print the information and graphics that are common to all and then leave a space to fill in the other info with a sharpie. You can either have a lanyard hole punched or you can slip the plastic card into a card carrier from amazon. 

This is a plastic card with a mini card or cards attached. This is fun for a membership card where the user needs to have quick access to it, maybe the large plastic card is directions and the tear off card is the membership card or maybe you get a large and mini card. These cards also work great as a fundraiser and are a lot more user friendly than the postcard type fundraisers that are often sold.

Script Typefaces I'm Loving Right Now

Using script typefaces is a great way to infuse a huge dose of personality into a design piece, but with so much character it's pretty easy to select the wrong one or one that doesn't feel appropriate. Below are 6 script typefaces I'm loving right now and where I'd use them.

Sant'Elia Script

The Sant'Elia Script font family comes to us from Yellow Design Studio in Madison, Wisconsin. There are a variety of weights and distress levels to choose from in this family. The thinner weights feel contemporary, clean and have a bit of a handwriting feel to them. As they get thicker and more distressed they take on more of a rugged feel. I love the thinner weights for casual invitations and the thicker weights for farm-to-table, organic or locally sourced cafés or restaurant materials.


Wanderlust is a brush typeface and is SO beautiful. Because it has been hand-painted it has an earthy, organic feel to it. Extremely feminine, Wanderlust works fantastically with a watercolor treatment and would look great in a logo on a book cover or as an accent font. Although two lines of text look great in the quote above I wouldn't use this for copy any longer than that. Script fonts in general are a little tough on the eyes so a touch is all you need.


Part Italic, part Script, the Heroe family is just beautiful. It comes in a variety of weights and styles and has a very classic and elegant feel to it. It would work well on anything in that vein: Fashion, Weddings, upscale Products, etc. I could see it used in Invitations, on a book cover, as a fun typographic treatment in a magazine, in a logo. It's a really multi-purpose typeface and could be used in many different ways.

Rolling Pen

Sudtipos is the Font Foundry responsible for creating Rolling Pen and like the countless other typefaces they've created, this one is pretty great. I'm not a huge fan of capital letters when it comes to most scripts, they tend to make fonts feel dated, so I prefer Rolling Pen all lower case. It's fun and casual and works great in logos and typographic treatments. Think of situations where you need to use a script typeface for a short word that needs to fill a wide space, Rolling Pen is the perfect solution.

Local Market

The Local Market font family is more than just a few weights, it's a kit. The whole family consists of 1 script, 5 display fonts, 1 set of icons, 1 set of labels and a free set of illustrated words and banners. The typefaces work great together and creates a handcrafted, earthy feel. This kit would work perfectly for businesses based on hand crafted or homegrown items: Ice Cream Shops, Farmers Markets, Coffee Shops, Farms etc.


I'm a sucker for thin weight scripts and LiebeLotte is a simple and very pretty script. It's modern but has a bit of a casual feel to it so I would tend to use it in more casual environments. Because it's so thin, you can use it at large sizes without it looking too clunky. It would work great on posters, t-shirts, large format pieces, typographic treatments, etc.

10 Holiday Gifts for Creative Entrepreneurs

Buying gifts for creative people can be tricky. I've pulled together 10 unique options that will inspire and delight the designer or creative business owner in your life.


1. Love Necklance designed by letterer Jessica Hische. Available in Sterling Silver and 14k Gold $160/190
2. Learn new creative and business skills with a Skillshare membership $96/year or $9.95/month
3. Dottie phone case from 25$
4. Pantone Chip USB Drive, available in 5 colors $14-$42
5. Mugs from The Everygirl Get any day off to a great start with these fun inspirational mugs. $15
6. Live with Intention Gold Cuff designed by Jess Lively $90
7. The Day Designer is a planning tool, designed by Whitney English to help you organize your life. $48
8. Be Brave Necklace designed by Jess Lively $48
9. Colorful desk accessories and office supplies from Poppin $4-$49
10. But First, Coffee thermal mug from $14