5 Inspiring Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs

 As a designer, I spend a lot of time in the realm of visual inspiration. But listening to the stories, ideas, and experiences of others is also great for getting a creative boost. I love the direct connection - and minimal commercial interruption - of a podcast and here are five of my favorites.


Brooklyn-based writer and Design*Sponge founder, Grace Bonney, hosts a weekly podcast where she interviews designers, artists, and creative business owners. Grace has an endless list of inspiring guests who share the nitty-gritty on what they do and how they do it.

New episode each Wednesday



Seth Godin is an author, successful entrepreneur, speaker, and blogger. His Startup School podcast was a result of a 3-day conference held in 2012 for a group of motivated entrepreneurs who were at the beginning stages of their projects. He takes the group on a guided tour of some of the questions and issues they'd run into on their entrepreneurial journey.

Start Up School is limited to 15 Podcasts

Debbie Millman, host of Design Matters, is a designer, writer, and educator who started this online radio show in 2005. It has grown to be one of the most popular design podcasts. Each week she hosts a candid one-on-one interview with a new designer. Previous guests have included Steven Heller, Jessica Hische, Milton Glaser, Joe Duffy, and Jessica Walsch.

New episode each Monday


Jess is a currently Chicago-based - but soon-to-be Austin-based - blogger who's been running successful businesses since she was a teenager. She's insightful, funny, and a great interviewer who always has an interesting perspective. Most of her guests are creative entrepreneurs and topics range from design, fashion, and food to style, relationships, and, of course, business.

New episode each Thursday


Smart, funny, and a little nerdy, On the Grid is hosted by three designer friends from Baltimore, San Francisco, and New York. One works for a famous studio, one owns a design firm, and one works in-house for a small company. They come together each week to discuss design-related and nondesign-related news. This podcast has all the camaraderie of a morning show, which makes it a perfect way to start your day.

New episode each Tuesday